Five Types of Documents to Shred to Prevent Identity Theft

As the world is turning more and more digital, there is less mail delivered, but that doesn’t mean that identity thieves aren’t preying on your documents. Identity thieves are still thriving on your neglected mail. More than 150 billion pieces of mail are delivered by the U.S. Postal Service every year. Much of that mail…

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How to Destroy a Hard Drive from a Desktop Computer

USB, hard drive chips, cd-rom on a desktop

Here at American Document Destruction, we understand the importance of security. Your home desktop computer can contain almost your whole life on it and can put you at risk of identity theft. If it were to fall into the wrong hands, they could access personal information like social security numbers, credit cards, bank accounts, logins,…

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Confidential Shredding Services vs. Recycling

confidential shredding paper shreds

Paper shredding and paper recycling are not interchangeable terms and should not be confused as the same process to get rid of secure documents. It’s not only the process of each that makes them different but the level of security between the two. A paper shredding service typically means the company has to comply with…

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5 Ways Professional Paper Shredding Benefits Your Business

Paper shreds

Take control over the privacy of your business with better shredding practices. Improper disposal of documents and data destruction can put your business at risk of data loss and fraudulent activity. Ensure the protection of your business and employees with professional paper shredding services. A secure document destruction company like local Reno-Sparks company, American Document…

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Document Destruction Is Important for Protecting Your Identity

Nowadays, identity thieves may get your identity from data breached or compromised accounts. However, some still rely on the old-fashioned methods of mail theft or digging through your trash. This is why document destruction should not be overlooked. Learn More About Secure Solution Document Destruction   Confidential Shredding Services With unscrupulous individuals becoming more and…

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On Site vs. Off Site Document Shredding

American Document Destruction, Inc. is proud to offer our clients both on and off site shredding services. We understand that many business owners struggle with understanding which of our confidential shredding services best suits their destruction needs. We also realize that choosing the right service for your business is all about being well-informed. As a…

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10 Ways To Secure Your Personal Data

digital numbers and letters with the words Data breach highlighted

Disclaimer: The following story was curated by R.L. Adams, a former author for Forbes. All events depicted in this anecdote are taken directly from his experiences.  “I was recently the victim of a hack. My identity was impersonated and the information was used to steal my personal data from GoDaddy. How could this happen I…

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ID Theft Leads to IRS Change

This article is brought to you by the fine folks at Lifelock Heartbreaking ID Theft Case Leads to IRS Change By Beatrice Karnes May 29, 2015 For Lori Weeks, coping with the loss of a child was compounded by overcoming that child’s identity theft.“I think the most disturbing thing is that there are people out there…

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