Hard Drive Destruction

Our secure document destruction company now provides physical hard drive destruction service regardless if it comes from a desktop, laptop, printer, or anything else.

Destruction procedures can take place either at your site or at our secure facility in Sparks, NV. This decision is yours to decide based on cost and convenience to you. In either situation, the hard drive will be destroyed by shredding using machinery that is strictly dedicated to shredding and destruction. 

As part of our hard destruction process, we will record the serial numbers of all drives being destroyed to be kept in our records and a copy of this log will be provided to you.

on site and off site shredding services

On-Site and Off-Site Shredding Services

Physical hard drive destruction is critical to ensure your personal, private information remains safe and secure. American Document Destruction now offers hard drive destruction where we will physically destroy hard drives from desktop or laptop computers, printers, and any other device a hard drive may come from. This service is available on-site or off-site for your convenience.

on-site shredding services

On-Site Shredding

Our on-site shredding services allow you to schedule a time for us to come directly to you where we will perform your hard drive destruction. This is a mobile service in which a shred truck comes to your location to shred hard drives at the curbside. This is a convenient and simple service that allows you to watch your drives being physically shredded as it happens. Once the drives have been destroyed, you will be given a certificate of destruction to keep for your records.

off-site shredding services

Off-Site Shredding

Our off-site shredding services allow your hard drive devices to be shred and mixed in with thousands of pounds of other customers’ documents. This ensures that all of your confidential information cannot be recovered and remains secure. Off-site shredding services are done through your provider who will come and collect all of the drives from your location. The devices will be directly sent to our off-site shredding facility where they will be shred into tiny irretrievable pieces. A certificate of destruction will be sent in the mail to confirm the time and location of the destruction. 

hard drive destruction

How to Destroy a Hard Drive

Hard drive destruction methods often include shearing and crushing. Our facilities practice shearing which shreds the drives into several small pieces rendering the data indecipherable. Data erasing may also be an option if you plan to keep your hard drive, but physical hard drive destruction is the only way to ensure your private information cannot be recovered. At ADD, we use only safe and effective methods to physically shred the hard drive, making it completely unusable with no chance of recovery.

During physical hard drive destruction, the device will be sliced into small pieces completely destroying the drive platters, mechanisms, and electronic components. If you plan to destroy your hard drive at home, then follow the steps listed in our How to Destroy a Hard Drive from a Desktop Computer blog.


Hard Drive Destruction Service Reno

We’ve made it our priority to deliver the best hard drive destruction services for the Reno area. To do this, we apply the same safe and secure destruction methods as we do for document destruction. Using state-of-the-art hydraulic machinery, we’re able to shred hard drives into small pieces with ease. 

Not only do we offer both on-site and off-site shredding services, but we ensure the ultimate security of these services with a Certified Document of Destruction for all hard drive devices. Only certified team members will handle the shredding of your personal devices ensuring the chain of custody remains secure at every point.    

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