5 Ways Professional Paper Shredding Benefits Your Business

Take control over the privacy of your business with better shredding practices. Improper disposal of documents and data destruction can put your business at risk of data loss and fraudulent activity. Ensure the protection of your business and employees with professional paper shredding services. A secure document destruction company like local Reno-Sparks company, American Document Destruction, will ensure that all of your information will stay safe with certified data destruction. You can trust our bonded and insured staff to properly shred and dispose of your material. Don’t think twice about using a professional paper shredding company! There are many benefits of shredding documents with American Document Destruction. Not only will your business be more productive, but it also saves money, reduces legal liability, protects the reputation of your business, and is better for the environment. 


Benefits of Shredding Documents

1. Increases Productivity

Shredding can be a tedious and time-consuming process when performing it in-house. Most shredders require you to take the time to remove unwanted paper clips and staples, make sure all the documents are straightened out beforehand, along with having to clean up the aftermath of shredding. Sometimes you might even have to worry about oiling the blades and keeping up with maintenance. Stop taking the time away from work and start looking into using a professional paper shredding company.

American Document Destruction has two different types of containers that you can choose from to be placed around your business. The ADD Executive Console holds up to 125 pounds of paper while the ADD Gray Bin can hold up to 270 pounds. From there, our staff will handle the destruction process for you so you don’t have to worry. Our equipment is fast and powerful, not even staples, clips, or fasteners can get in the way of our premier shredding services. 

2. Saves Money

You might think that hiring a professional paper shredding company costs more, but doing in-house shredding might actually end up costing your business more. Although purchasing a shredder will last a long time, it must be regularly maintained. When you hire a company like American Document Destruction, the only thing your employees have to worry about is simply placing documents into a shredding container and we’ll handle the rest. No more worrying about making sure equipment is up-and-running, purchasing supplies, or the other expenses like utilities and recycling.

3. Reduces Liability

Outsourcing your shredding will put less stress on making sure your business complies with privacy standards. Choose a professional paper shredding company that is certified in data destruction and always following the Gramm-Leach-Biley (GLB), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA). Always keep a Certificate of Destruction in your records to reduce liability risks for your business. 

4. Safeguards Your Reputation

When using a secure document destruction company, your business is at a much lower risk of confidential information falling into the wrong hands. There is a specific shredding process that American Document Destruction uses every single time to ensure that all information is properly disposed of:

  1. Confidential documents are placed within a locked container
  2. Documents to be shredded are picked up by a trained, screened ADD employee
  3. All material to be shredded is placed on a locked truck
  4. Documents are transported to ADD secure shredding facility
  5. All records are immediately shredded and baled
  6. Baled paper is secured until sent directly to the paper mill for recycling

5. Promotes Recycling

Shredding is always followed by recycling. When your business is doing your own in-house shredding, sensitive information is still at risk of being obtained by criminals as your bags wait to be taken away. Professional paper shredding and secure document destruction companies provide recycling as a part of their shredding services. In order to reduce landfill, American Document Destruction takes an eco-friendly approach by taking shredded material directly to the recycling plant.


A Secure Document Destruction Company

Whether you require professional paper shredding or personal shredding services in Reno and surrounding areas, American Document Destruction has you covered. Not only do we take pride in our customer service by offering same day and next day services, we also provide both on-site and off-site shredding. On top of document destruction, we also do computer hard drive destruction, CSR readiness, and data breach reporting. You can trust us to properly shred and bale your private documents. If you need a little more reassurance, we encourage our clients to visit our Sparks facility to observe the live-action of document shredding and data destruction. Get the most benefits of shredding documents by utilizing a professional paper shredding company.

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