Summer Safety or Don’t Let the Bad Guys Know

With Memorial weekend just around the corner, we start the unofficial beginning of summer.  With all the fun times we can enjoy, it is important to take just a few moments to remind everyone some simple facts about summer safety.

1.)  Watch what and when you post on social media.   You may think that only your friends and family  look at your sites, but the truth is many people can view your site without you every knowing.  Post your pictures and tell people about your trip AFTER you get back.  If you tell people on social media you are going away other might know you are not home.

2.) Put your mail on vacation hold.  This can be done at, go to track and manage and you will see hold mail.  A few simple questions and you won’t have mail sticking out of your box.

3.)  Put your lights on a timer.  Burglars like it when things are consistent.  With like coming on and going off at different times will help to throw them off and make your home a less perfect target.

4.) Have a friend or neighbor check on your house every so often.  And do the same for them.

While it is always nice to get away it is never nice to come home to an empty house.

Stay safe with these summer safety tips!


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