Shred Day!

Every October, we join the Better Business Bureau of Northern Nevada in the “Secure Your ID Day” shred event to help local residents properly dispose of any sensitive material they may have.

We do a number of these types of shred events every year, however, Secure Your ID Day is easily our largest. Bill, Bobby, Robert and Steven were the techs on duty for this one, scheduled on Saturday, October 20, 2018 from 9 am to 12 pm.

Are you interested in holding a shred event? How do you organize one?

  1. Determine if you want a small or large event
  2. Recruit volunteers
  3. Pick a shredding service (we’re great at this)
  4. Find a great place to shred
  5. Promote the event
  6. Prep your team
  7. Let’s shred!

Keep in mind, there are usually costs involved in hiring a shredding service to put these on as well. You may be able to use local television stations and put out a “press release” to help advertise your event.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of a “shred day”, you can ask your bank, credit union or local municipality if they have any scheduled. Other businesses will do them as customer appreciation as well. Some are advertised, some are not. The business sponsoring the event will set costs, if any. Sometimes it’s free, sometimes there’s a fee, sometimes it’s a donation basis.

Many times a local charity will utilize these as a fund raiser. Sometimes they are free to you, sometimes they may ask for donations to their cause.

Many times, if you do wish to take advantage of one of these “shred days”, make sure to get any details, such as day and time, cost or donation (if any), and if there is a limit to how much you can bring. Many times, there will be a maximum amount that any one person can bring so that everybody who wants to can utilize the service… once the truck is full, the event is done even if there’s still time left.

American Document Destruction, Inc.

Contact our secure document destruction company if you would like to organize a shred event, or if you’d like to know if any are scheduled!

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