I had over ten years of management experience before starting here in 2004. I like that we provide a service that is highly important in this day and age, and our team here is what makes us the best in the area. They all know their jobs and our customer base loves them. I’m also excited about the new service we are offering as it relates to data security and notifications necessary in case of a data breach happening to a client (CSR Readiness Pro Suite). I learned very quickly the importance of what we do, and continue learning every day, using contacts I’ve made in the industry, our conferences and all the new laws and regulations that seem to come out every year regarding protecting personal information.

I also had the privilege of living in Hawaii from 2014-2016 which drastically changed my outlook on life in general and reminded me to stop sometimes and enjoy the beauty of the world around me, whether the stark and desolate desert or snowy landscape here in Northern Nevada or the tropical beauty in Hawaii and everything in between. My wife and I also run a mobile DJ and karaoke company as a side hustle, which we have way too much fun with. I enjoy music, not playing (I don’t have that talent unfortunately) but listening to and discovering new music. Also making people sound as good as I possibly can while running our karaoke shows. One of my biggest priorities is spending time with my grandsons while they’re still little.