Curiosity killed the cat is the way the saying goes, however in this case curiosity got a whole bunch of people fired because of HIPAA.

In an unfortunate case of a little curiosity dozens of people were fired for snooping into the medical records of Jussie Smollet at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

When you go to ANY medical professional or facility your medical records are suppose to be private.  Certain instances can cause your records to go to other individuals but we are not going into that here.

HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, provided for your protection against unauthorized access to your records.

Many different types of companies have their own policy against unauthorized access of company records for which violating these rule can and does get you immediately terminated for cause.

Whether or not your company has such rules the best thing is to never go snooping for information you are not authorized to have.  And if you are authorized remember you are held to a high confidence level.

So as they say in the old gangster movies “you don’t know nothin.”


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