This is a wonderful time of the year. Everyone is holiday shopping and giving to those in need.  Just be careful that you are not giving your information to the wrong people.

  1. Shop at site you know are reliable.  Make sure the site you are going to doesn’t have any funny symbols or numbers in the address.  Identity thieves create site that have website addresses that can look very close to the real thing.  They may even have links to different departments showing the companies merchandise but all they are after is your credit card information.
  2. Watch out for pop-ups that ask for your credit information.  All reliable websites have a checkout tab that will take you to a secure pay area.  When in doubt close out and call the store to verify a site.
  3. Never EVER give out your password to a website after you have logged into the site.  IF this happens, you have been redirected to a fact site.

Remember, while this is a great time of year, identity thieves are always looking for way to make it a great time at your expense.


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