Nowadays, identity thieves may get your identity from data breached or compromised accounts. However, some still rely on the old-fashioned methods of mail theft or digging through your trash that’s why document destruction should not be overlooked.

This is one of the reasons document destruction is still such an important tool, but with these unscrupulous individuals becoming more and more sophisticated and savvy, what and how you shred is more important than ever.

Even though people are doing more things digitally, many still have copies of bills or statements that may have originally been received digitally. Many still print them off and keep them in a file, which still keeps them vulnerable.

Your own personal information is everywhere… bills, bank statements, blank checks… even in credit card offers and magazines received through the mail.

If you don’t take the proper disposal of this personal information very seriously, it could end costing you.

Document destruction, or paper shredding, lowers the risk of having your confidential documents stolen and used against you. While many people are diligent about shredding their documents routinely, many also just let their documents pile up.

And that is why so many people are turning to professional shredding services.

One of our most asked questions is if you need to remove staples, paper clips, or other types of fasteners from your documents. The short and easy answer is no. It all goes right through the shredder, which is nice, fast & convenient.

Look for a company that’s happy to showcase it’s process. During our normal hours of operations of 7 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday if you choose to drop it off, you can watch your material being fed right into the shredder. If you prefer to have us come out to you and shred in our trucks, there’s a camera system where you can see your material being unloaded into the shredding system, and any of our drivers are more than happy to explain the process to you. Many people like to watch, especially the first time they utilize our service, for their own peace of mind. All of the shredded material goes into a bale with multiple customers shredded documents before being recycled, which further reduces the risk of your documents being reconstructed.

Always remember to double check what it is that you’re having destroyed. We cannot bring back an “oops, that shouldn’t have been shredded.”

And last, always us a NAID AAA Certified company to handle your shredding needs. This independent organization uses both announced and unannounced audits to verify that any particular company abides by strict policies and procedures to ensure the safety and security of their processes.


American Document Destruction, Inc.

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