Another Day, Another Data Breach

It seems every day there is a data breach being reported.  The latest one being a collection company for two of the top medicals labs, 19.6 MILLION clients affected.

In this breach they didn’t get your medical records, just your name, social security number and other pertinent information.   That’s all.  Do you really think the hackers care what medication you are on?

So now your information has been stolen, what is next?

Here are some easy steps to help mitigate potential damage:

  1. If you know which card is effected call that company right away.  Ask them to a new account new and a new card.  Change any passwords associated with that card.  If you use a common password for your cards you will need to change them as well.
  2. Call one of the three credit bureaus and have a free one-year fraud alert placed on your account.  Which ever company you call must let the other two know about the fraud alert.
  3. Get a free copy of your credit report by going to or call 1-877-322-8228.
  4. And lastly, go to the FTC website and report your theft.  You will need to fill out the online form, be as specific as possible.  Create an account and they will help walk you through the recovery steps.

Remember it’s a jungle out the, stay safe.