Bins and Facility

Our ADD Executive Consoles holds up to 125 pounds of paper. These consoles are excellent for office view and frequent service in high volume areas. These console come with a key lock only and only come in this light gray color.
ADDD, Inc. Executive Console

Height = 35 inches
Width = 20 inches
Length = 17 inchesHolds up to 125 lbs.

 Executive Console

Our ADD Gray Bin holds up to 270 pounds of paper and is one of our most used bins for regular service. All of our ADD Gray Bins come with either a key lock or combination lock. This is a 64 gallon bin with wheels. The ADD Gray Bin can be moved to different locations easily. ADD, Inc. 64 Gallon Gray Bin

Height = 42 inches
Width = 25 inches
Length = 30 inches
Holds up to 270 lbs.